Bekker-First of Things to Come (2009)

Album:First of Things to Come
Genre: Pop/folk/Alternative
Release:February, 2009

1. Donovan
2. Shade of Red
3. Kid in the Corner
4. All Tied Up
5. Let's Get Away
6. Why
7. By My Side
8. Broken
9. Nothing But Needles

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Mel Martinez-The Door is Open (EP) (2009)

Mel Martinez is a singer/songwriter/composer from Orlando FL. Mel is fulfilling his life long dream to make good music that appeals to all ages. He is no stranger to performing, as he performed for the first time in hotel in front of a crowd of 600 people at the age of 12. He has been writing and singing since the age of 9, picking up the guitar at the age of 15 and recording his first songs in his apartment at the age of 17.Despite the long hours and the resistance from neighbors he continued on with the late night sessions never giving up on his life goal.Mel is a solo artist that has brought on more musicians that share his vision. He has many people that have influenced him such as: John Lennon, Jason Mraz, Tom Delonge, Dave Matthews, and many more. Mel recorded his first E.P. "The Door Is Open" in late 2008 at Big Shot Studios in Orlando FL, being released in early 2009. He continues to get inspired by things in day to day life and continues to write creative music with a great blend of vocals that leave people humming after hearing his songs.

Album:The Door is Open
Artist:Mel Martinez
Genre: Pop/Rock/Acoustic

1. Your Call
2. In My Head
3. In Your Eyes
4. 18
5. Arms Of An Angel

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Heather Perry and the ______s-These Appetites (EP) (2009)

Heather Perry and the _______s may be relative newcomers toChicago's music scene, but you'd never know it from listening totheir new EP, These Appetites. Perry's unique, mature songwritinginstantly creates an utterly distinctive mood. The title track'srolling piano lures the listener into her arena, guiding youtowards the aural centerpiece of her one-of-a-kind voice- powerfulbut beautiful, sultry but understated, firm but gentle, emotivebut analytical. A haunting guitar, chiming just underneath thesurface, joins in. Then…a second voice in harmony, a steady drumline…and finally the song explodes dynamically into the choruswith a wash of guitar and soaring vocals, only to eventuallyrecede again behind her supple tenor for another round.

Album:These Appetites
Artist:Heather Perry and the ______s
Genre: Indie/Folk Rock/Experimental
LABEL:Spade Kitty

01 - These Appetites
02 - City Song
03 - Nuptial Flight
04 - Old Friends In New Beds
05 - Grenadine

Clockwise-Faders On Stun (2009)

Claude Kent made an impression on Toronto’s independent music scene through the 80’s and 90’s pounding skins for a number of notables (The Fits, The Red, The Gravelberrys, Katie's Bridge). During his tenure as drummer for Katie’s Bridge, Claude met current Clockwise guitarist, Brent Welbourn. Claude had been sitting on a drum throne as well as a number of his own compositions for too long and was ready to explore possibilities as front-man and principle songwriter for his own project, Clockwise.

Album:Faders on Stun
Genre: Rock/Powerpop
Label:CD Baby

01. Opposites Attract
02. You Really Got Me Goin'
03. Surrender
04. Boomtown
05. Everyday
06. Work it Out
07. If You Don't Want Love (I Must Be Wrong)
08. Upside Down
09. Water on the Moon
10. Brighten Up My Day

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Karan Casey-Ships In The Forest (2008)

Ships in the Forest is a studio album by Irish traditional singer Karan Casey, and the first to be released primarily on her own label. The album features much of Casey's live band, as well as her brother-in-law and husband, both members of the band Buille. The album features one song in Gaelic and many Irish traditional songs. There is also a song by Joni Mitchell.

Album:Ships In The Forest
Artist:Karan Casey
Genre: Folk/Irish traditional/Celtic
Label:Compass Records

01 - Love Is Pleasing
02 - Dunlavin Green
03 - Johnny I Hardy Knew Ye
04 - Black Is The Colour
05 - Town Of Athlone
06 - Maidin Luan Chincíse
07 - The Fiddle and The Drum
08 - Erin's Lovely Home
09 - Ae Fond Kiss
10 - I Once Loved A Lass

The Shopengauers - Pop (2009)

Они не придумали ничего нового и выдают чужую музыку за свою. За одно прослушивание мне померещились Blur, Franz Ferdinand, Joy Divison и Depeche Mode. Мало того, вокалист пытается походить голосом на Жанну Агузарову, а цветом волос на Пэрис Хилтон. Диско, бритпоп, инди-куинди, натреньканное на поддержанном синтезаторе. К черту!И они заявляют, что они лучшие! Я видел в интернете их песню с названием Shopengauers ere the Best/ Видимо, они побоялись и не стали ее включать в диск. Но самое жесткое кидалово - это с обложкой. Гифовский файл абсолютно пуст.Вот, смотрите.
Wonderfull loser pop from Russia!!!

ALBUM: After the Dawn
Artist:Brian Dilts
1 I Fell In Love With Kirill
2 Why Don't You Love Me
3 Sexwaves
4 Birdman
5 If You Want To Be A Star
6 Brother
7 Interlude
8 Because I Love You

Val Emmich - Little Daggers (2008)

Val Matthew Emmich was born in Manalapan Township, New Jersey. He is of Italian, Russian, and German ancestry. He attended Manalapan High School where he played soccer. At age 15, he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and had to give up all strenuous activities. During this time, he learned to play the guitar and began to write songs.In 2001, Emmich and fellow musician Andy Gesner founded Artist Amplification, a program to help independent musicians and bands gain exposure to fans and the music industry.

ALBUM: Little Daggers
Artist:Val Emmich
LABEL: Bluhammock
Release: May 27, 2008

01. Lucky Ones
02. Get on with It
03. Got a Habit Now
04. Hurt More Later
05. Darling Denise
06. Too Far
07. Wake Up Brand New
08. We Still Bleed
09. Down
10. Catalyst
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